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2002 MACAU w Year of the Horse Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Proof Silver Coin i75873

2002 MACAU w Year of the Horse Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Proof Silver Coin i75873
2002 MACAU w Year of the Horse Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Proof Silver Coin i75873
2002 MACAU w Year of the Horse Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Proof Silver Coin i75873

2002 MACAU w Year of the Horse Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Proof Silver Coin i75873

Item: i75873 Authentic Coin of. Zodiac Series - Year of the Horse 2002 Proof Silver 100 Patacas 38mm (28.44 grams) 0.925 Silver 0.8410 oz. ASW Reference: KM# 107 MACAU 2002, Fa├žade of St.

Paul's Church flanked by stars. 100 PATACAS, Horse above value. Horses are an important motif in Chinese mythology. There are many myths about the horse or horses, or horse-like beings, including the pony. Chinese mythology refers to those myths found in the historical geographic area of China.

This includes myths in Chinese and other languages, as transmitted by Han Chinese as well as other ethnic groups (of which fifty-six are officially recognized by the current administration of China, according to Lihui Yang, 2005:4). There are various motifs of horses in Chinese mythology. In some cases the focus is on a horse or horses as the protagonist of the action, in other cases they appear in a supporting role, sometimes as the locomotive power propelling a chariot and its occupant(s). According to a cyclical Chinese calendar system, the time period of 31 January 2014 - 18 February 2015 falls under the category of the (yang) Wood Horse. In the study of historical Chinese culture, many of the stories that have been told regarding characters and events which have been written or told of the distant past have a double tradition: one which tradition which presents a more historicized and one which presents a more mythological version (Yang 2005:12-13). This is also true of some accounts related to mythological horses in China. Horses are real creatures, of the family Equidae-quick-paced, hoofed quadrupeds, existing now and historically, in China, among other places. Many breeds have been used or developed for food, transportation, and for military power for thousands of years, in the area of China, and elsewhere, as well as sometimes being loved or cherished, as pets companions, or inspirations for art.

One role of the horse, in China, has been important in society and culture: a role sometimes existing in the realm of myth and legend. The donkey is also an equid, generally smaller in stature: they are also typically less-esteemed in general Chinese culture.

However, certain holy persons (and some eccentrics) were well known for choosing to ride on donkey, for example Immortal Zhang Guolao had a magic donkey (Eberhard: 82, sub "Donkey"). The "Chinese zodiac" consists of a twelve-year cycle, each year being associated with a certain creature. The seventh in the cycle is the Horse. One account is that the order of the beings-of-the-year is due to their order in completing a contest of racing across a river, in the so-called Great Race: the race being to determine which creatures, in which order, would be the namesakes of the twelve-year cycle. The race was run, and swum, the finishing line being across a great river.

The Rat and the Ox crossed easily enough (the Rat hitchhiking on the Ox's back). Those powerful swimmers, Tiger and Dragon had little problem; nor did Rabbit, with a little help from the Dragon. The Horse, an excellent runner; but, not as good of a swimmer, would have been next-but, the Snake having crossed the river by stowing away on Horse's hoof, doing a sudden dismount, gained the finish line, just in front of the startled Horse. Thus, it is said, despite the animal's general swiftness, the Horse finished the race only in the rank of the seventh position. List of Years of the Horse in the Chinese Zodiac.

25 January 1906 - 12 February 1907: Fire Horse. 11 February 1918 - 31 January 1919: Earth Horse. 30 January 1930 - 16 February 1931: Metal Horse. 15 February 1942 - 4 February 1943: Water Horse. 3 February 1954 - 23 February 1955: Wood Horse.

21 January 1966 - 8 February 1967: Fire Horse. 7 February 1978 - 27 January 1979: Earth Horse. 27 January 1990 - 14 February 1991: Metal Horse.

12 February 2002 - 31 January 2003: Water Horse. 31 January 2014 - 18 February 2015: (yang) Wood Horse. 17 February 2026 - 5 February 2027: Fire Horse.

4 February 2038 - 23 January 2039: Earth Horse. Macau or Macao officially the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China , is an autonomous territory on the western side of the Pearl River estuary in East Asia. Along with Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and several other major cities in Guangdong, the territory forms a core part of the Pearl River Delta metropolitan region, the most populated area in the world.

With a population of 650,900 in an area of 30.5 km. (11.8 sq mi), it is the most densely populated region in the world. Macau was formerly a colony of the Portuguese Empire, after Ming China leased the territory as a trading post in 1557. Originally governing under Chinese authority and sovereignty, Portugal was given perpetual occupation rights for Macau in 1887. As a special administrative region, Macau maintains a separate political and economic system apart from mainland China.

The People's Republic of China's obligation to run Macau as a special administrative region per the Joint Declaration on the Question of Macau expires on 20 December 2049. Macau is the gambling capital of the world. Its economy is heavily dependent on gambling and tourism, with the largest gaming revenue since 2006. It has a very high Human Development Index and the fourth-highest life expectancy in the world. Macau is among the world's richest regions and its GDP per capita by purchasing power parity was higher than that of any country in the world.

In 2015, Macau was ranked as the No. 1 of the Fastest Growing Metropolitan Areas in the world by Brookings Institution. World-renowned expert numismatist, enthusiast, author and dealer in authentic ancient Greek, ancient Roman, ancient Byzantine, world coins & more.

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  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Macao
  • Certification: Uncertified

2002 MACAU w Year of the Horse Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Proof Silver Coin i75873